2016 Photo Bloopers…

Here are the ‘best’ photos of 2016 all together in one photo extravaganza, the Blooper Reel of 2016. And again there are no names to protect the innocent…other than Matt Reel, who is in the first photo…

Happy Holidays everyone!

dsc_0323dsc_0652 img_3315 img_3320img_3525dsc_0932 img_3282 img_3280 dsc_0659 dsc_0557dsc_0898 img_3790 img_3780dsc_0819 img_3430 dsc_0789 img_3998 img_3981

dsc_0947 img_3830 img_3813 dsc_0837 dsc_0844 img_4150img_4152

Past year’s Blooper Reels:




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    “is that where Lavernie & Shirlie and Happie Days was set ?” LOL
    asks Kevin from MILWAUKEE WISCONSIN.

  2. Thanks for sharing this Michael! I feel like I’ve really made it in the world of bonsai when you have mastered how to use a beech branch as antlers and when the photo next to you is “BIMBO”. LOL

  3. Ray says:

    Love it, Merry Christmas Michael, all the best in 2017

  4. Nan Jenkins says:

    Hey, tell Collin hello from Texas, please. It’s good to see him, even with his eyes closed!! We miss him a lot.

  5. backcountrydan says:

    Looks like a fun year yet again! Hey… and I see a couple of Backcountry trees in there too… 😉

  6. Gary Croft says:

    Fun & fabulous

  7. Gary Croft says:

    I forgot to wish you a very Happy New Year for 2017 and may our trees prosper!!

  8. Derek Bradley says:

    Hi Michael
    Could you change my e mail address on your system to
    Kind regards

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