The Blaze of Autumn Sweetly Burns

The Blaze of Autumn Sweetly Burns

…with a title like that you’d think I was lost in a poem by Tennyson. But I was only looking at a tree in my yard. I tend to photograph this Red Maple, Acer rubrum, at this time of year. It was created by Anne Spencer, one of our talented Portland, Oregon artists who passed […]

Leafless Red Maple

This is the same tree as was featured in the previous post. I took that picture in leaf, then took a trip, and when I came back it was completely bare. Here’s a winter silhouette, and,┬ásince several commented on it, a close-up of the nebari.

Red Maple in Fall Color

This post is dedicated to Portland’s own dear lady of deciduous, Anne Spencer, who passed recently. Anne grew this Red maple, Acer rubrum, from a three year old seedling twenty years ago. It is one of the joys of my backyard. This maple is a fine example of what slow dedicated work can bring, which […]