Revisting a 2009 Ezo Spruce

Spruce bonsai have been ‘in the news’ this past year or two. I’ve posted one spruce already this fall… and I thought, why not continue the trend? So here’s another one. Some of you might remember this four-trunk Ezo spruce clump from an earlier post. It was styled in 2009 and left rather leggy as […]

Engelmann spruce styling–

I really like Engelmann spruce. It reminds me so much of Ezo spruce, which my teacher had a love affair with in Japan and so they were quite a few of them in his collection. I think spruce have a very quiet feeling, like a snowfall. It’s tempting to look for big gnarly trunks with […]

Ezo spruce, again

As promised, here’s the final ‘potted’ photo of that Ezo spruce clump styling in yesterday’s post— Two things I’ll do in the future is move the left trunk further to the right as it’s a bit too balanced where it is. Also I’ll add a clump of broadleaf evergreen, probably a small-leafed azalea, to the […]