Burning Bush—Seasonal Styling and Potting

This tree was originally collected by Kevin Yates from a park in Eugene. Apparently it had been kept stunted by the nutria that lived in a pond nearby. When Kevin saw this post he recognized his tree and corrected me on several points on its origin- Thanks! Euonymus is a popular genus for bonsai. The […]

Leafless Red Maple

This is the same tree as was featured in the previous post. I took that picture in leaf, then took a trip, and when I came back it was completely bare. Here’s a winter silhouette, and,┬ásince several commented on it, a close-up of the nebari.

Red Maple in Fall Color

This post is dedicated to Portland’s own dear lady of deciduous, Anne Spencer, who passed recently. Anne grew this Red maple, Acer rubrum, from a three year old seedling twenty years ago. It is one of the joys of my backyard. This maple is a fine example of what slow dedicated work can bring, which […]

Corylopsis spicata: An old Winter Hazel

I feel a bit guilty about not showing more deciduous trees I’m working on, as they form about 50% of my collection. The reason is that conifers can sometimes be designed in a day, whereas the deciduous I have are either very young, or poorly balanced and old—both of which need 10 or 15 years […]