Very Tall Hemlock Clump Styled

Very Tall Hemlock Clump Styled

This photo essay ends with a couple of movies… They’re too short for popcorn, but long enough to sit down for. Mountain Hemlock before branch removal or wiring. Here are some pre-work branch close-ups: Last week this Mountain Hemlock (Tsuga mertensiana) was styled with pruning and wiring. It’s an unusual front, as the apexes all […]

Portland Bonsai Village website is live!

Portland Bonsai Village website is live!

At long last…we have a website. Thanks to so many of you who donated to our Village Indiegogo campaign, you played a huge role in funding this thoughtfully designed, scrolling website. It was dreamed up by Kathy Wu, who has done a lot of work for some major brands like Nike, Intel, Bridgeport Brewing, Jenny […]

Village Funding Campaign Trending on Indiegogo

Wow…this has been quite the week for the Portland Bonsai Village! In the first 2 days of our 35 day Indiegogo campaign we raised $4,690, which made us a trending campaign on the Indiegogo site. We’re in a mild state of shock over the support everyone has offered! Here it is: The Portland Bonsai Village Indiegogo […]

The Portland Bonsai Village Tours continue…

…even without a Village website! (Thanks so much for your patience…) Here are a few photos of Bob, Paula, Carmen, and Renee’s visit to the Village earlier this month. They are all from California and took a full day tour here in Portland visiting Ryan Neil and me. These photos are courtesy Greg Brenden, our […]

Nick arrives in the Village…

Of course we’d been awaiting him forever… cheerful help coming from the heavens. Nick announced himself in the form of a random email that said, ‘Hey I’m 22 and I just moved to Portland from Arizona so I can learn more about bonsai.’ Sure, happens all the time. NO IT DOESN’T!

The Village Passports are here!

A day before my trip to Europe the passports were done, so I scampered into town to pick them up from one of our quirky printing houses, Pinball Publishing. They make a passport-sized notebook that none other than Tom Waits has used for a book of poetry. Quirky tidbits: The passports, in typical Portland earth-friendly […]

Portland Bonsai Village gets on the design board…

The Portland Bonsai Village is being built! Well…not of lumber, really, but with big ideas and cool programs. In the meantime, here’s a wonky prelude… Take a look at this virtual tour of possible Villages. Vote for your favorite! Or suggest alternatives… Well, let us know what you think. Stay tuned for a more substantive […]

The Portland Bonsai Village Goes On The Road!

That title sounds like an intrepid traveling band, but no, we don’t sing. Or play, I think. But then again, if anyone wants Ryan Neil and I to sing, we might consider about $8,000 per minute. Although I can’t speak for Ryan, you might pay ME that much to stop. It would be an awful […]