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Colorful Long-Term Bonsai Projects-

Colorful Long-Term Bonsai Projects-

December 26, 2017

A couple weeks back we photographed all the Dwarf Flowering Quince ‘Chojubai’ that were looking fancy, as they all decided to bloom at the same time this year. Which is not textbook Chojubai, but it happened. Happy Holidays everyone, here’s some trees in their fancy clothes starting with three older quince, early development courtesy of […]

How to Live in a Teacup

How to Live in a Teacup

December 20, 2017

First an apology. I promised the next post would be about juniper jin, and as you can tell, this is not that. Since this summer, the construction of a house has been my focus, which is partly why my posts this fall have not had their usual frequency. In lieu of the usual bonsai offerings, I […]

Jins are Rarely Pointed…

Jins are Rarely Pointed…

November 22, 2017

…in the wild, jins tend to have a cracked, blunted, or sheared-off look. Yet in bonsai we tend to the default, and whittle our dead branches to something so sharp a bird would be nervous about landing on them. A photo I took in my garden this past week shows what I’m talking about. This […]


“Having the eye of an artist and the soul of a poet, Michael has a deep respect for, and ability to see, the essential spirit of a tree both in the present and in the future.  I’ve come away from each Seasonal with new understanding of and enthusiasm for the art of bonsai.”


“I learned more in 3 days than I had in the last 12 years. He was a fantastic teacher, artist, and host while there. I would not hesitate in recommending anyone to attend his small group sessions. Thank you Michael!!!”


“It is like entering a cathedral when you first walk into your yard, and I am honored that you allow me such a learning environment…you make learning a joy.”