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What’s Happening on the Accent Plant Bench…

What’s Happening on the Accent Plant Bench…

June 6, 2017

The accent bench always brings new things each month. Here’s a sampling of June’s offerings: Grass, hawkweed, and fern, 22″/ 56 cm. The balance of the three foliage types looks pretty good this year…last year was a different story. To some degree one can trim for balance. One plant should be the boss. The others […]

Jonas’s 2016 Post about Decandling Black Pines-

Jonas’s 2016 Post about Decandling Black Pines-

June 1, 2017

Now and then words deserve to be repeated. The Bonsai Tonight blog post by Jonas Dupuich about decandling Japanese Black Pine—of which this is the primary work season—is head and shoulders above nearly anything else you could read (or write) about the subject, in a concise, digestible form. Even if you’ve already read this, try it […]


“Having the eye of an artist and the soul of a poet, Michael has a deep respect for, and ability to see, the essential spirit of a tree both in the present and in the future.  I’ve come away from each Seasonal with new understanding of and enthusiasm for the art of bonsai.”


“I learned more in 3 days than I had in the last 12 years. He was a fantastic teacher, artist, and host while there. I would not hesitate in recommending anyone to attend his small group sessions. Thank you Michael!!!”


“It is like entering a cathedral when you first walk into your yard, and I am honored that you allow me such a learning environment…you make learning a joy.”