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…And Yet Another Pine on a Rock…

March 20, 2018

This composition makes me laugh. It’s got a wry 5 degree lean, and it’s quirkily planted off to one side. The Lodgepole Pine was collected by a friend, just over onto the eastern slope of the Cascades in Oregon, USA. Lodgepole is more frequent there where it is a bit drier. Like many conifers, pines […]

Red Pine / Ponderosa on Rock-

Red Pine / Ponderosa on Rock-

March 8, 2018

One of the bonsai benefits of living in the volcanic Pacific Northwest of the U.S. is the geology. There are many dark, irregular rocks out there for rock plantings. This pine was originally a Ponderosa, Pinus ponderosa. About seven years ago I grafted it with Red Pine, Pinus densiflora. This spring we were casting about […]

Student Work at Crataegus Bonsai-

Student Work at Crataegus Bonsai-

February 23, 2018

Students visited Crataegus Bonsai in small mobs the last few months, and this is what they did- Learn more about these intensive, micro-class, 3-day sessions: Crataegus Bonsai Seasonal


“Having the eye of an artist and the soul of a poet, Michael has a deep respect for, and ability to see, the essential spirit of a tree both in the present and in the future.  I’ve come away from each Seasonal with new understanding of and enthusiasm for the art of bonsai.”


“I learned more in 3 days than I had in the last 12 years. He was a fantastic teacher, artist, and host while there. I would not hesitate in recommending anyone to attend his small group sessions. Thank you Michael!!!”


“It is like entering a cathedral when you first walk into your yard, and I am honored that you allow me such a learning environment…you make learning a joy.”