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From the creative genius of Sergio Cuan, illustrator of Bonsai Heresy, get your T-shirts, mugs, hats, tote-bags, and calendars! Sergio sells them from his website M5BONSAIWORKS.


Bonsai Heresy: 56 Myths Exposed Using Science and Tradition — $24.95 A best-selling, funny, offbeat educational book that looks into our group fallacies and offers better alternatives. To learn more or to buy a copy, please visit Stone Lantern.

Praise for Bonsai Heresy

“Bonsai Heresy…is an articulate, balanced, researched, captivating — and sometimes witty — discussion of bonsai topics covering everything from techniques, to supplies, to aesthetics. So thoughtful and well written, I couldn’t put it down…I’m sure that I’ll be going back to reread portions as various situations arise. I highly and enthusiastically recommend the book!!!”  —C. Brown

“This book is long overdue and certain to be a classic! If you’re serious about bonsai, you must read this book!”  —Joe T.

“I agree with the previous reviews that this is the best book, to date, on why we should and how we can cultivate bonsai. So I won’t repeat the superlatives, but will offer other reasons for reading Bonsai Heresy. Michael Hagedorn is a quiet philosopher, devoted horticulturist, insightful artist, and crafty wordsmith. He has an uncanny ability to describe the mystery, science and satisfaction of knowing what to do with trees in pots. He also, and this is just as valuable, suggests an aesthetic of bonsai that will deepen our enjoyment of this living art.”  —Ron D.


Post-Dated: The Schooling of an Irreverent Bonsai Monk — $14.95 The whimsical story of Michael Hagedorn’s apprenticeship in Japan under Master Shinji Suzuki. Filled with lunatic anecdotal accounts of just how much trouble a foreigner can get into, it is very much a travelogue in spirit and content. Buy a copy at Stone Lantern.

Praise for Post-Dated

“An illuminating book for those seeking the true meaning of bonsai…revealing how bonsai opens our hearts to compassion and the poignant beauty of nature.”  —Felix Laughlin, Past President, National Bonsai Foundation

“… Michael’s thoughts and experiences are accurate, informative and well written. I was captivated by his book and could not put it down until I finished it!”   —William N. Valavanis, teacher and publisher, International Bonsai magazine

“Michael’s [book] can spread the messages that I have always wanted to express most through bonsai . . . love for the mercy of all living things in the world, and peace: people’s hopes and dreams manifested through true works of bonsai, which can go far beyond human vitality.”  —Shinji Suzuki, Kokufu and Prime Minister Award-winning bonsai master

Video Education

Bonsai Fundamentals Course – $49.99   Learn about 3 fundamental concepts of Bonsai: Plant Physiology, Japanese Aesthetics, and Design Principles from this online course that partners with Bonsai Empire and featuring the extraordinary garden of Mr. Shinji Suzuki.

Online Courses

The Seasonal-lite constellation of online courses offer in-depth education for Spring, Fall, and Winter seasonal bonsai work in 6-hour interactive group sessions. Also offered are 3-hour mini Seasonal-lite courses covering popular topics like Accents, Design, Display, and Wabi-Sabi. Please see the Seasonal page for details and to watch our cheeky trailers!

In-Person Education

The Seasonal Program is core to our educational platform. Based on the idea that it’s better to study on your teacher’s trees than your own—like apprentices study—these three-day intensive sessions provide the expressive tools to make bonsai your own. Discounted rates are available for students.

Private Instruction offers flexible scheduling. 

Styling and Refinement


In Japan, a bonsai professional is considered to be one who styles and maintains trees owned by clients, and this remains one of the most rewarding of our services in the United States. We frequently have bonsai dropped off at the studio for styling, rewiring, or detailing. Also inquire about working on private collections on site.

Bonsai Sales

We do sell bonsai. Though much of the Crataegus Garden is a study museum that students work on, we sell everything from collected conifers to chojubai, all styled and in bonsai containers. 


Much of what we offer caters to those fully invested in the bonsai hobby. But bonsai is not just for those wanting to study it, or looking to hire a professional. Bonsai is for everyone. If you wish to experience bonsai, we invite you to contact us for a garden visit (we are open during the Covid-19 era for visits).


The bonsai yard is offered as a no-fee sanctuary for those who have experienced recent loss or trauma and wish to be around trees. Some light bonsai activities are available on request.


Advice on the direction of a bonsai or a collection. Also inquire about phone consults.


Lectures and alternative presentations such as critique and seminar to organizations nationally and internationally.