Trident Forest Re-imagining—

Trident Forest Re-imagining—

Several years ago I came across this older trident forest being sold at a bonsai nursery, and was interested in its relaxed, natural-looking lines. The trunks all looked about the same size, roughly, and I suspected we’d be fiddling with it some day to correct that. Earlier this spring we finally got around to correcting […]

Nick arrives in the Village…

Of course we’d been awaiting him forever… cheerful help coming from the heavens. Nick announced himself in the form of a random email that said, ‘Hey I’m 22 and I just moved to Portland from Arizona so I can learn more about bonsai.’ Sure, happens all the time. NO IT DOESN’T!

Noelanders Trophy 2013-

I just came back from a European tour and wish to share some of the wonderful energy I saw over there. I did a workshop and photo shoot in Germany, went to see the Noelanders Trophy in Belgium, and worked out an article about the Portland Bonsai Village for Bonsai Focus at their studio in […]

Rocky Mountain juniper cascade styling–

I had a comment on another juniper post this month that the finished tree looked like a pronghorn antelope… which was pretty apt I thought, and yet that name could well go for this one, too. It’s a Rocky Mountain juniper collected a few years ago by Randy Knight and purchased from Ryan Neil, and […]

The Portland Bonsai Village Goes On The Road!

That title sounds like an intrepid traveling band, but no, we don’t sing. Or play, I think. But then again, if anyone wants Ryan Neil and I to sing, we might consider about $8,000 per minute. Although I can’t speak for Ryan, you might pay ME that much to stop. It would be an awful […]

Portland’s Version of Omiya Bonsai Village…

Something I’m very excited about these days is the beginning of a fledgling professional bonsai community here in Portland, Oregon, which is just stretching its wings. In addition to myself we have Ryan Neil who came back from Japan in 2010 and has already made a spectacular start with headlining at the Noelanders event in […]