90 Year-Old Black Pine Wired by Bobby Curttright-

90 Year-Old Black Pine Wired by Bobby Curttright-

This Japanese Black Pine, Pinus thunbergii, was wired by Bobby Curttright. Bobby has been my apprentice for over 2 1/2 years now, and his wiring is becoming quite accomplished. The necessary fine attention to detail reaches a level of nerd-dom with the best wire wranglers. He’s been a quick study with it, and his organization and […]

Wiring Lessons, Wayne Schoech, and Spruce

Wayne Schoech, owner of Stone Lantern and well-known to many of you for his popular BonsaiBark blog, visited Portland last week for a four-day wiring immersion. Here are a few photos of his visit:

Wire Woes–When to Remove Wire

We read it all the time. ‘Take wire off before it bites in.’ Many of us actually do this. And only about half the time is it actually what we should do. So. Wire. On branches. Big problem, right? To make it simple, the question of when to remove wire is actually broken down into […]

Beware Bending that Branch-

Many years ago I held a conifer branch in my hand in a totally shocked moment after it had literally shattered while testing it for flexibility. Eons passed. When I returned to breathing normally, the branch was still in my hand, and the tree was a couple feet away, because I had stood up. I […]