Blooming Springtime—Wisteria and Iris

Blooming Springtime—Wisteria and Iris

Just sharing a couple of things that made me smile, blooming in the garden this week- The fact that they both have lavender blossoms was purely coincidental…I have a tense relationship with the color lavender, but I did like these— Chinese Wisteria, Wisteria sinensis—This tree has been a prolific bloomer for the past five years. […]

More on Growing Wisteria-

Most of the time our hand-wringing about wisteria bonsai is when an otherwise happy tree won’t bloom. They can be obstinate and willful. Last year I wrote a post about a few basic wisteria concepts, Why Won’t My Wisteria Bloom? While those ideas might help getting some plants to bloom, when your tree gets very mature, be […]

Wisteria In Bloom! And Quiz…

As a follow up to the recent post about growing wisteria, this is one in my backyard that is putting on quite a show. It’s a Chinese wisteria, and the photo is from last week. When I came back from the Texas convention over the weekend it was nearly finished blooming. Nuts! The pot was […]

Why Won’t My Wisteria Bloom?

Good question. It seems that while many people would like to have a wisteria bonsai, they give up on them when they fail to bloom consistently. After all, it is a rather dull looking plant when not in flower. I’m sure there are many non-blooming wisteria currently being used as umbrella racks. Wisteria bonsai fail […]