“I learned more in 3 days than I had in the last 12 years. He was a fantastic teacher, artist, and host while there. Michael has had a large influence on where I want to go with bonsai design… I would not hesitate in recommending anyone to attend his small group sessions. Thank you Michael!!!”—Ray

“Having the opportunity to work on such beautiful material replaced 100’s of lectures. I don’t believe any three days has had such a profound reawakening of my soul as to the depth and love of my trees and their lovely companion plants.”—Randi

“Seasonal workshops at Michael’s are fact filled, hands-on, and fun. After participation in just one Seasonal the knowledge gained transferred into much better care for my own trees. I am especially appreciative of the positive learning environment Michael creates, his sense of humor, dedication to excellence in practice, and his seemingly unlimited patience all of which after participation in four Seasonals has remained consistent. Michael has encyclopedic bonsai knowledge, which he delivers skillfully in methods that reach all learning styles.”—Linda

“It is like entering a cathedral when you first walk into your yard, and I am honored that you allow me such a learning environment…you make learning a joy.”—Konnor

“The Seasonals provide a remarkable combination of the three aspects essential to successful bonsai –art, science and downright fun. Having the eye of an artist and the soul of a poet, Michael has a deep respect for, and ability to see, the essential spirit of a tree both in the present and in the future.”—Howard

“Michael’s Seasonals are excellent! One of Michael’s many strengths is his ability to dissolve bonsai myths and misinformation. Michael’s hospitality is wonderful and the food is great. If you want to have fun, seriously learn bonsai and improve your techniques and your own trees, I highly recommend the Seasonals.”—John

“My attendance at these Seasonals has seriously changed how I view bonsai. I feel much more confident in what I do with my trees now, both in their horticulture and their aesthetic nature. I recommend these Seasonals to anyone who wants to expand his/her knowledge of bonsai in a format which allows growth and the acquisition of real bonsai knowledge.”—Roger

“Michael’s Seasonals are a great learning experience. In the studio, Michael has adopted one of the best of educational strategies – he uses “guided practice” as his primary tool. Even though I have been doing intensive workshops for over four years… I always leave re-energized, re-focused and with new nuggets of information to apply to my understanding of bonsai.”—Bob

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