Photos From Recent Seasonal Classes-

Photos From Recent Seasonal Classes-

A smorgasbord of photos from the 2016 Winter Seasonals, featuring a lot of new students and a fair number of new trees, too- For more info about the three day Seasonals, check out this page: Enjoy the photos!

3 Repotting Days at the February Seasonal-

February ended with a great Seasonal group comprised mostly of new students—three newcomers, one returnee.¬†Thanks Andrew, Dan, Steve, and John (our veteran) for a fantastic and productive three days. And thanks too for taking such great photos! Many of these I did not take, yet found on my camera-

Photos and Stories from the Fall Seasonal-

In a mix of seriousness and hilarity, the 2012 Fall Seasonal wrapped up a couple weeks ago leaving us all well-fed and with somewhat dirtier fingers. Here’s a few photos of those three days–

Revisiting a Unique Rocky Mountain Juniper—Seasonal work

This is an intriguing tree. I could look at it all day. It was styled last year with the other side as the front. Then the lower branch died, which is a hard thing to prevent in a juniper if it’s got that idea going. About that time I was strongly considering this new front, […]