Watch Our Spring Seasonal-lite Trailer~

Watch Our Spring Seasonal-lite Trailer~

For the past two months we’ve been filming for our first online course, the Spring Seasonal-lite, which launched this past weekend to sold-out couches. To get a feel for the course, please watch our trailer: We’ll offer the Spring Seasonal-lite one last time next weekend, June 13th and 14, 2020. More! More! We’re not yet done with […]

Return of ‘The Fish’…

…which could either be a salmon returning up a river, or simply a bad movie title…? It’s neither. The Fish is yet another convenient, somewhat silly, ‘name’ for a Rocky Mountain Juniper that was featured here over a year ago when it was first styled. We did a three-part, real-time posting of it back then: […]

Repotting Gallery from the two March Seasonals-

Our Winter Seasonals featured new trees, lots of repotting, a few odd projects, and fresh new faces- enjoy our photo gallery! Bobby looking through a drain hole in our slab for the hinoki forest. Stripes. Again. Very horizontally stable fellow. Good balance.

A bunjin Ponderosa pine gets a new look-

A bunjin Ponderosa pine gets a new look-

Here’s a photo essay of a Ponderosa pine styling that we did last month with a few Seasonal students- The pine after some cleanup on the deadwood, but before doing anything else. The next three photos are each turned another 90 degrees. This was our favorite front. Avoiding the long slow curves, the trunk comes […]

Vine Maple… Tower… Experiment?

Vine Maple… Tower… Experiment?

I had no idea how to title this one. Just as I had no idea, really, what exactly I was doing with my March Seasonal students the day we put this thing together. Which must instill a lot of confidence in my students. Seasonal veterans are familiar with me taking a left turn sometimes. But […]

3 Repotting Days at the February Seasonal-

February ended with a great Seasonal group comprised mostly of new students—three newcomers, one returnee. Thanks Andrew, Dan, Steve, and John (our veteran) for a fantastic and productive three days. And thanks too for taking such great photos! Many of these I did not take, yet found on my camera-

Photos and Stories from the Fall Seasonal-

In a mix of seriousness and hilarity, the 2012 Fall Seasonal wrapped up a couple weeks ago leaving us all well-fed and with somewhat dirtier fingers. Here’s a few photos of those three days–

Summer Seasonal Field Trip for Rubber Snakes…

This year’s Summer Seasonal class had the usual impromptu and totally off-the-wall field trip, as is becoming familiar to frequent students. The memorable one from this session was a trip to the dollar store to buy rubber snakes… for scaring away birds. Which is sad, I as I quite enjoy birds. What I don’t enjoy […]

Spring 2012 Seasonal Photo Gallery–

Earlier this week five guys descended on my studio for three days of bonsai festivities. Here’s a photographic tour of some of the happenings… minus most of the black pine decandling, the wiring exercise, and the final removal of ponderosa foliage from a grafted tree. Hope you enjoy what we did manage to document-