Indiegogo campaign blazes through the tape-

At the finish of our Indiegogo campaign we raised $19,055 from 114 funders in 35 days. Our hugest thanks to everyone! Because we were 191% funded, the Portland Bonsai Village will be able to get going sooner than anticipated. We’ll be in touch with all of you about our progress, such as when our website […]

Today’s Portland Bonsai Village Indiegogo update…

We’ve raised $8,065 by 66 people in 9 days. Thanks to all our donors! It’s been a great start. But we do need your continued support. If you haven’t yet donated ¬†(or haven’t the faintest idea what this is about) please look at our Indiegogo campaign: Help fund the Village  

Village Funding Campaign Trending on Indiegogo

Wow…this has been quite the week for the Portland Bonsai Village! In the first 2 days of our 35 day Indiegogo campaign we raised $4,690, which made us a trending campaign on the Indiegogo site. We’re in a mild state of shock over the support everyone has offered! Here it is: The Portland Bonsai¬†Village Indiegogo […]