Very Tall Hemlock Clump Styled

Very Tall Hemlock Clump Styled

This photo essay ends with a couple of movies… They’re too short for popcorn, but long enough to sit down for. Mountain Hemlock before branch removal or wiring. Here are some pre-work branch close-ups: Last week this Mountain Hemlock (Tsuga mertensiana) was styled with pruning and wiring. It’s an unusual front, as the apexes all […]

Matt Reel styles a juniper in KINBON

The last time we talked about Matt Reel he’d just finished a staggering 7 year 9 month apprenticeship with Shinji Suzuki. When I opened my January 2015 issue of the Japanese bonsai magazine Kinbon, there was Matt, standing next to a very fine juniper that he’d worked on as an apprentice. If you figure Matt is […]

Very Large Mtn. Hemlock Clump-

Very Large Mtn. Hemlock Clump-

This is one of those trees I’ve had in my yard a long time, and never done a follow-up post about. For one thing, it’s so large it’s hard to photograph. For another, I just didn’t get around to it. All of the trunks come from one base; it’s one tree. The snows are so […]

Repotting Gallery from the two March Seasonals-

Our Winter Seasonals featured new trees, lots of repotting, a few odd projects, and fresh new faces- enjoy our photo gallery! Bobby looking through a drain hole in our slab for the hinoki forest. Stripes. Again. Very horizontally stable fellow. Good balance.

Matt Reel finishes 7 years and 9 months…

…apprenticing with Shinji Suzuki! Are hats are off to you, Matt, this is a huge week for you! If any of you remember the ridiculous, stressful stories from my book Post-Dated about the life of the apprentice, well, how anyone could have done that for nearly 8 years is simply ASTONISHING to me, and it […]

Repotting Tip ‘O the Month-

Many trees like their roots far away from anything saturated, which is the bottom of the pot. Two in particular, pines and azaleas. And in muddling about the Western bonsai world I’ve been haunted by the number of pines planted in very shallow containers. ‘Rules’ are slippery things, as anything in bonsai has exceptions. So […]

Final Episode: Kokufu, Matt Reel, Snow

True, this is not as exciting as Star Wars, but still, our Final Episode is the photographic finale of our trip to Japan this February! Yay! Cymbals crashing, drums going nuts, frogs leaping off bridges, etc. Going back in time a bit to our first day…we all became kids over dinner. Here’s Grant and Peter […]

Matt, Tyler, and Bobby in Japan-

Part II of our trip to Japan earlier this month…

The Bonsai Work of Matt Reel

As those of you who know me well are aware, I’ve a tendency to find nicknames for people. I met Matt Reel briefly before he started apprenticing with Shinji Suzuki. At the time he’d just finished high school, and I started to call him ‘Young Reel’. Well, now it’s seven years later and I’m naturally […]

Photo Gallery From Japan: Matt Reel, Tyler Sherrod, Kokufu, Trees…

As this is a photo album with a strong streak of randomness, I’ll say little here and more in the captions under the images… Enjoy!