Windswept Mountain Hemlock: Revisit

A couple years ago we did an initial design of this lovely hemlock collected by Anton Nijhuis. Today we revisit it after a rewiring. 

The tree is still in a box, and is high on the list of those in need of fun presentations this spring. We may revisit it—yet again—soon.


First, here’s a trip down memory lane, two years before. And before styling.


At the end of our styling two years ago.


And, two years of growth later (this year).


After wiring and setting. A few things are a bit off…the long rounded crown gets in the way of the windy feeling. 


Carmen doing the last adjustments. Moving faster than the tree.


Our tweaks done. We took out the rounded crown, to suggest wind. I think the first wiring was more successful to impart that windy feel. In other ways I like how this has developed. The density is more even. The right edge of the crown more “blunted,” as if from wind. Subtle details. The tree is vigorous now and is ready for the next adventure…potting.


  1. Don Barker says:

    That is a fantastic bonsai. I wish I could be there for the repotting!

  2. Ray says:

    Very nice, nice styling Carmen

  3. dberrettmecom says:

    BEAUTIFUL outcome!


  4. August Day says:

    Beautiful tree and your work.

  5. Ayla Baha says:

    Fantastic tree and styling!

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