Photo Gallery: Pacific Bonsai Expo ‘22

I hope, after seeing these 40 photos, that you feel like you were there, with us, in Oakland, California, last weekend. My thanks to Vince Smith for the use of his shots-

Three big cheers to Jonas Dupuich, Eric Schrader, and their team for putting on one of the most beautiful bonsai shows I’ve ever had the pleasure to attend.

Early post this week—if you’re celebrating Thanksgiving this week, enjoy~! 





Above, my entry, a Shore Pine on steel support, with an aluminum sculpture. I’ll explain the creation and thought process of this one in another post.

Below, a 20-second Instagram reel of this Shore Pine, for a 3D feel. Many thanks to Jeremiah Lee for the clips to make this vid!

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  1. Micha O says:

    Pretty amazing stuff

  2. Santa Fe Bonsai says:

    Great pics!

    Is the shishi Billy V’s and is it grafted? I’ve seen this tree many times and always thought that was a curious bevel below the first branch.

  3. Ray says:

    Great show, hope to attend next time. Love your shore pine display. Absolutely beautiful, well done Michael

  4. dacoontz says:

    Thank you to Vince for the great pics and to you for sharing them. I much appreciate Vince capturing my addiction to Vicki’s ceramics, not that it was a secret.

    Your display Michael was thought provoking. Was the sculpture tugging, pulling, holding, or trying to get bring the tree closer? These were some of my thoughts as I examined it. I enjoyed the feeling of tension it invoked. The tree itself is a marvel. The stand was well thought out. Love the view from the side where the stand almost disappears. For me it was the display that provided the most contemplation.

    It was a great event. Wonderful trees, but even better people in the world of bonsai. That was one of my takeaways.

    • crataegus says:

      Thanks for the kind words! I thought of the sculpture as pulling, but certainly up to viewer’s interpretation. I just finished a post this week about the thinking behind that display. Explaining—-maybe too much—-what the piece was reaching for. Something I’m usually resistant to, as we shouldn’t need to explain art, but, it is fun to try.
      Vicki’s pots are marvelous!!

  5. Ayla H Baha says:

    Seeing these photos does feel like I was there. Wish I could have been able to attend in person. Venue and trees look incredible! Your shore bonsai is an inspiration in creating a movement for American bonsai. Can’t wait to take your classes!

  6. janetinelson says:

    Yes, Vince captured the essence of the show – exhibit, judging contemplation, vendors, venue, docent tours, amazing light coming through the windows at various times of day, tree details, bonsai, scrolls, creative angles, people and interactions! Thank you for sharing his photos.

  7. chubby says:


  8. June says:

    Hi. Your shore pine entry in the Pacific Bonsai Expo was in my top 3! Fantastic

  9. Vance Hanna says:

    I enjoyed the show setup and my afternoon as security.
    An amazing group and seeing a few old friends.
    Vance Hanna

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