Brand New Podcast: BONSAI WIRE

Podcast aficionados! You may be interested to know that four of us—Jonas Dupuich, Andrew Robson, John Eads and myself—are about to launch a bonsai podcast: Bonsai Wire.

And we hope you will join us. The umbrella plan is to be instructive and useful to listeners, covering some hot-button topics as well as topics that we think should be, but aren’t discussed much. We’ll mix up guest interviews with the four of us discussing bonsai puzzlers amongst ourselves.

Our first guest will be Colin Lewis, erstwhile resident of the United Kingdom and now from the wild and woodsy U.S. state of Maine. While we might inquire about his vegetable patch, which he enthusiastically started telling me about, more intriguing is his promise to be controversial about non-vegetable topics.

Furthermore, John Eads has secured some sponsorships. We are keen to hear more about these as he’s been very secretive and even his podcast fellows are in the dark here.

Those new to podcasts, worry not, it’s easy to listen, and all are free. Either use your phone’s ‘Podcast’ app (iPhone) or search ‘Google podcasts’ in the play store app (Android). Then find podcasts by searching by topic or with the podcast’s name, and then either play episodes direct or download them. And you can subscribe to podcasts you like, too.

Please wait a bit for us to load the first episodes of Bonsai Wire, before going to search for it! I will post again prior to our launch day, likely in a couple of weeks, so stay tuned…


  1. Tom Kruegl says:


  2. Elaine says:

    Your podcast will bring a smile to my ears! The information and general talk between everyone will be amazing.

  3. Jonas Lint says:

    Michael! I am soo delighted to hear that you are throwing your wits into the world of podcasts! Looking very much forward to hear what the quartet of you fellows bring to the table. Awesome!

    Best bonsai wishes, Jonas


  4. anijhuis says:

    “Please wait a bit for us to load the first episodes of Bonsai Wire, before going to search for it!”

    Thanks now you left me hanging – a couple of weeks – already tried searching did not read the fine print. ( italicized)

    Anywho a great idea !!!!!!!!

  5. Patricia Myrick says:

    Michael, I shall be eagerly awaiting the posting of your first episode!

    I’m certain Bonsai Wire would be of interest to BSOP members. May we do a membership email blast of this posting? We would do it after your first episodes are posted.

    – Patty Myrick


  6. Kevin Faris says:

    I’m excited for this. Will you guys upload your podcast to the podbean platform or sound cloud? Podbean has a big user presence. Many users = much bonsai !!!!

    Keep on diggin

    • crataegus says:

      Hi Kevin, I’m letting the techy brains—the other three podcast members—handle that side of things. I know they looked into all options but think they settled on buzzsprout, for reasons I’m less well skilled to answer.

  7. Peter Gregg says:

    I can’t wait! Looking forward to it.

    Peter Gregg

  8. Jeffrey Robson says:

    I am Wired – how about you!

  9. Jenna Williams says:

    So excited, and looking forward to this!!! I have notified my club…Phoenix Bonsai Society (100+) members can hardly wait!

    • crataegus says:

      Great! It’s almost available…Apple, Overcast, and Spotify have approved it. I think it’s searchable already on Spotify, should be very shortly on the other platforms including Google, as of 8-14-20.

  10. Steven says:

    Could you give us a indication when you guess the first one will be coming online?

    Thanx in advance from the Netherlands

    • crataegus says:

      As of 8-14-20, we’ve had the podcast approved by several platforms and in a few hours we expect them to be searchable. Three episodes so far are up there-

  11. crataegus says:

    Hi Rory, Bobby is super busy being a dad and we haven’t heard much from him lately. Would love to get him in on the podcast someday though. Same with Matt. Minus the dad thing.

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