Watch Trailer: Wild for Accents

Summer is a great time to create accents. Join us at the end of July for our second Seasonal-lite online course offering of 2020: a full-on accent plant download.

Here’s our cheeky trailer…

Wild for Accents (Saturday, July 25, 2020)—A mini Seasonal-lite online course—Overview of creating, maintaining, comparison of styles, use of in display. (More details as we get closer). Presentation is 3 hours total, questions encouraged throughout. We’ll start at 8 am Pacific Time (-8 Universal Time), finishing 11 am. The inaugural Wild for Accents is discounted to $125. Please write to reserve a spot.


  1. Mary Graham says:

    I’d like to participate in this one – count me in. I’m working through all the notes from the spring seasonal lite this week, and getting a lot done. We talked about shortening the trunk on the Japanese Maple, which I haven’t done yet – is this the right time, or should I wait until July?



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    • crataegus says:

      Have you down for the accent course! And yes, this is a good time to do major pruning on Japanese maple. Do remember to sterilize before sealing; pseudomonas is a common disease throughout North America.


    THAT is exactly what “American” bonsai needs… Cheek !!!
    Sounds like the Enrolees will have Accent Agent Access !!! 😉

  3. Kathy B. of Shoreline says:

    Awesome trailer!

  4. june graham says:

    Fantastic trailer!! Bravo!!



  5. Ed says:

    So glad Kitty Grassykins made an appearance, lol, love it.

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