Watch Our Spring Seasonal-lite Trailer~

For the past two months we’ve been filming for our first online course, the Spring Seasonal-lite, which launched this past weekend to sold-out couches.

To get a feel for the course, please watch our trailer:

We’ll offer the Spring Seasonal-lite one last time next weekend, June 13th and 14, 2020.

More! More! We’re not yet done with our online course offerings for 2020:

  • Accent Plants (July)—A mini Seasonal-lite, 3 hours—an overview of creating, comparison of styles, and use in display of these playful plants
  • Fall Seasonal-lite (Sept)—A full Seasonal-lite like the Spring version above, 6 hours, w/ 30 minute private session, limited to 10 participants per session—course focuses on design, wiring, and various species tasks for a major period in the bonsai year

Also in the works: Design, Wabi-Sabi, and Display mini 3-hour Seasonal-lites, and to finish our triad of 6-hour offerings, the Winter Seasonal-lite.

For details see Seasonals. For questions about any of them, please write



    I am confused… which is nothing new… It seems like this is for 10 people “in-person”, but is it available for purchase to view E-motely from afar ?

    Thanks Kevin

    • crataegus says:

      The course is live-streamed, and only paid participants can take part. But to answer your question, because it’s also got a 30 minute private with each participant, I limit them to 10. The mini Seasonal-lites like Accent Plants will likely have more participants.

      • KEVIN STOEVEKEN says:

        Ahhhh I see said the deaf man 😉
        Perhaps making them available after-the-fact, as an archival purchase thing, might be a good revenue generator during this time of revenue degeneration…

      • crataegus says:

        I appreciate the thought!

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