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In the studio last week I was talking with John (current apprentice) and Andrew (past apprentice), and in a dreamy, innocent moment I tossed out the hope that people might soon be reading more books. I said this having just got word that Bonsai Heresy: 56 Myths Exposed Using Science and Tradition was printed and on its way to Stone Lantern. With a pitying look John said, ‘No, they won’t be reading more, they’ll just watch more movies!’

And he’s likely right, we won’t be changing our habits…we’ll just do more of the ones we already have. It was a nice moment, though. They really popped my bubble of joy. I’ll have to tell them that.

For you rebels then, the readers, you happy few—help is on the way. Or at least one more book to choose from. Many boxes of Bonsai Heresy will be in Vermont in April, and may be ordered, and read. As a diversion from movies.

So, ‘we’ (the apprentices, myself, the guy who hopefully bet on this book, Wayne Schoech, and a few unrelated strangers) think you should try this one: Bonsai Heresy. It has some loud bits, some quiet bits, some funny bits, a few things you might learn from, a very nice spine width, hilarious illustrations, and although small in dimensions is heavy enough to realistically threaten cockroaches. All of which may take your mind off other things.

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  1. tangobunny says:

    OMGoodness, Michael! I’m just LOL!! What a treat.
    Sent to all my wee ones, kids and grandkidlets–we’re a family of educators so they’ll love this!
    You should post this on Utube or something–facebook–needs a wider audience.
    Blessings to you in this weird and challenging time.
    Dancing around the house! Just tell Alexa or her cousin to play Otros Aires band. Awesome and uplifting!

  2. Carol Novak says:

    So when is the “Bonsai Heresy” movie coming out?

  3. Mojo says:

    Hey Michael, will the Book be available in Europe too? I could use some distraction in these crazy times. Greets from Austria

    • crataegus says:

      Yes, and greetings from the USA– Stone Lantern ships worldwide, and I believe they have distributors in Europe as well. I’m sure they could give you some details- but glad you’re interested in papery (thanks, trees) distractions!

  4. RAY NORRIS says:

    Looking forward to it Michael.

    Also thank you for allowing storage of the wire. I should have called you first. We would not even think of coming down until this crisis has passed.
    I hope you, John and his family. Andrew stay safe and healthy
    Much appreciated
    Ray, Bob, Peter and Frank( wire order participants)

    Sent from my iPhone


  5. R.I.F. !!! (Reading Is Fundamental !)

  6. Mary Graham says:

    Well, I finally have time to catch up on my reading, now that much of my repotting is done. Can’t wait for the release! I’ve pre-ordered, and Vermont is quite close by…can’t wait!

  7. bonsai eejit says:

    Have mine preordered. Probably is self isolation still when it arrives. I can’t get through a day without reading. And I don’t mean Facebook 😀

  8. Erich D Raudebaugh says:

    I pre-ordered it because I enjoyed Post-Dated so much. You write quite well, and I’m looking forward to reading your latest.

  9. William Lee Kohler says:

    Preordered several weeks ago. And now at my mail box every day. Aargh! No book!

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