The Dark Paths of Apprentices, Pt. II

Some of you may be following this sub-thread about the apprentices here at Crataegus Bonsai. This past week was a whirlwind as John Eads, the new apprentice, moved into the studio residence with his wife and two kids. The move itself was cacophonous and involved many boxes, several families, and 12 kids.

Several things happened in reaction to this. The cat, thinking this was the last straw, moved out. Andrew observed that she never really seemed to like being a pet, and I had to agree. Being a pet was more of a plan B for her.

The skirmishes within the house also went poorly (depending on perspective).

My office, which was in the living room, battled mightily but eventually retreated to the laundry room, where a door now serves as no man’s land. As the cat at-large was my best lieutenant we are hard up. My forces are rallying though in close quarters and there are plans retake the house in a coup d’état after this apprenticeship winds up. Please don’t mention anything to John, though, or these top secret plans may be thwarted.

Evidently as a gesture of goodwill in case I was wondering if I made a mistake in letting them live there, I received these peace socks from their generals, John and Leah:

Further bulletins as events warrant.

And check out the first hair-raising bulletin: The Dark Paths of Apprentices

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  1. kiwijaz says:

    Ha ha! How long is the apprenticeship?

  2. Tom Kruegl says:


  3. Carol Novak says:

    Where is Vivian, then? Surely not in your tiny house…

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