New Bonsai Book from photographer Stephen Voss-

My friend Stephen Voss has embarked on a great and beautiful project, a book of fine art photographs of bonsai. He’s running a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the book, and he’s got a really great video on it that has so much more in it than simply trying to give birth to a book. It’s a video that quietly teaches. Please take a moment to see it, and if you feel so moved, contribute to his efforts to bring us another book into the bonsai library:

To see the campaign:

Stephen generously donated several of his prints to our Portland Bonsai Village Indiegogo campaign, and helped make it a grand success. Let’s do the same for him.

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  1. Lance says:

    Thanks Michael. Gentleman must be pretty respected, Nat Geo now has a write-up posted along with the link to his kickstarter.

  2. Andy Brokenshire says:

    Hey Michael.
    I’m writing this because I follow you and you’ve had success engaging the bonsai community. I just read something that makes me angry.
    Frank Freeman, a 94 year old WW2 vet and bonsai enthusiast from Arvada Colorado, has lost most of the bonsai collection that he has been working on for
    60 years to thieves.
    He has only 6 small trees left from a large collection of 20 mature bonsai trees.
    I was wondering if perhaps the bonsai community might rally together to gift him a few well developed trees so that he can continue to do what he does every day – maintain his collection.
    I’m sure there is someone out there who is willing to cull from their collection and I’m sure Frank would prove to be a worthy recipient.
    I’m in Toronto so I don’t really have any contacts in the US to help Frank.
    But I’m an avid follower of your posts (you need more, they’re great) and thought maybe you might have some thoughts and a way of making something happen.
    Or if no trees are available maybe someone can get him to The Artisans Cup? I could contribute to that if someone else wants to help.
    Just a thought.
    Hope this isn’t an imposition.
    Franks seems like a cool guy. I just thought something should be done.
    Google the story and you’ll see the news cast clip.
    Thanks for your time. – Andy Brokenshire

  3. bonsai Mohegan says:

    Hi Michael. How’s it? I just read the comment from Andy. We must help. Not just in trying to procure trees for him, but to find his trees. These trees will be easy to identify. The thief or thieves will try to sell them or will add them to their collection. We must include Bill Valavanis(?), Adam (adamaskwhy), Jonas, etc. in the watch for these trees. They WILL surface and the culprit or culprits can be exposed. ANY of us can find ourselves losing these precious family members to thieves. We must be vigilant in not letting this be a viable source of income or it will continue. Let’s all keep an eye out for them. And take photos of your trees so if this happens to you, you can have images for identifying them.

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