Bonsai Tonight blog forum: ‘Ask Me Anything’

My friend Jonas Dupuich writes the bonsai blog ‘Bonsai Tonight’, which frankly is one of the best bonsai blogs in the English language. On it is a forum of which, today, I am a part. It’s the ‘Ask Me Anything’ forum (well, about bonsai, not literally anything) so, if you have a question about bonsai please post it there and I’ll try my best to answer it. We’ve had a great series of questions so far:


  1. Tony Routley says:

    I intend air layering a fairly thick trunked Blackthorn. My question is do Blackthorns bud on the trunks when they have been severed?

    • crataegus says:

      Hi Tony,
      I regret to say I don’t have experience with Blackthorn. Do you know the species name? In the eastern U.S. where I grew up there was a small tree we called buckthorn, is this the same plant?

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