Impish suggestion gets impish reply…

Last month I received a curious, lumpy envelope from Canada. Enjoying curious, lumpy packages, I opened it eagerly. When its contents were on my lap I remembered I’d sent a silly email to a Canadian fellow who was planning on attending a Seasonal Workshop with me. He’d asked how he could make a down payment on the class. I somewhat impishly suggested some alternative methods, such as a string of shells, gold bullion, wampum. This is what I received in the mail:



  1. Rose says:

    Absolutely wonderful!

  2. Su Li says:

    He’d be a great addition to any class!!! Creative guy he is.

  3. Melvin Zamis says:

    Love that you can laugh Michael … I’m looking forward to the wiring session

  4. backcountrydan says:

    HaHa!! I guess you asked for that one…

  5. anijhuis says:

    It is actually quite nice a great deposit. Treasure it!!

  6. Matt says:

    Something to treasure. One of a kind…

  7. tangobunny says:

    Michael–you inspire creativity wherever you go! Bravo you!

  8. John DeMaegd says:

    Careful what you ask for cause you might actually get it!

  9. Neil says:

    Nice,but won’t pay the bills…I have beads&shells..and lots of other cool things as well …can I do this?

  10. Daniel Dolan says:


    Completely unrelated to your post……though humorous, does not address my need to understand the optimal time to thin the seasons growth on Shimpaku Bonsai.

    When the new Spring shoots have elongated? Mid summer to allow more time for growth and then to allow more light to penetrate? Periodically throughout the growing season? Or, this past weekend because I neglected to do any of those others.

    Please advise.

    Best regards,


    • crataegus says:

      Yes, it’s true I neglected to comment on junipers in the last post. Generally shimpaku need their extensions trimmed about twice a year. Once in mid-summer or thereabouts, and once in fall when growth is stopped. Some trees might need more or less than that. But in general, a mature, cloud-forming shimpaku could use attention about twice a year.
      Or, the past weekend if neither of these situation apply.

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