3 Repotting Days at the February Seasonal-

February ended with a great Seasonal group comprised mostly of new students—three newcomers, one returnee. Thanks Andrew, Dan, Steve, and John (our veteran) for a fantastic and productive three days. And thanks too for taking such great photos! Many of these I did not take, yet found on my camera-


The one shot I found of everyone: A sliver of Andrew, John, Steve in the background, and most of Dan.



Old trees…


…and young ones.


Steve and Andrew tackling the root mass of this Japanese maple.


This maple is the sister tree of the one I had in the last post, air-layered about six years ago from a sweet spindly thing I bought after coming back from Japan. I got it at Wee Tree, I think.


Levitated bonsai. (Enjoy,Greg-)


John noodling a Trident, giving it a strong suggestion to have a better nebari. Seedlings to be threaded on the table.


Dan excavating part of a Limber pine’s root system.


Our bronze mascot crab—as yet unnamed—who wanders around and shows up in random photos. Crustacean courtesy of Matt Reel.


Rather wretched ‘potting soil’ discovered at the back of this spruce, so it was partially bare-rooted. The opposite side was in akadama/pumice set in place a couple years ago and was untouched.


Dan- are you a professional photographer or what? Loved this one. (Think it was Dan with the camera this time…?)


Steve and I chopsticking. To anyone who does not do bonsai, that does not mean we’re fencing with chopsticks. Read: ‘Settling soil between roots’. With chopsticks.


Gotta love rawhide mallets.


It’s such fun photographing photographers. Why?



Exit with spruce-
Thanks SeaStudents! Great times-

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  1. Jonny says:

    To answer your question – it’s fun to photograph photographers because photographers hate being photographed!

  2. Fred says:

    A separate blog about the thread grafting on the maple would be interesting and informative if you have time.

  3. backcountrydan says:

    That was me!…lol. I hoped that one would turn out well. I was trying not to get in the way, but couldn’t resist one shot. — And I think Jonny is right about photographng photographers… I know I’d allways rather be behind the camera!

    I had a great time, and learned more than I anticipated. Thanks for having us! I’m looking forward to coming back as soon as I can.
    -ps- here’s a link to more pics, and a bit more about the seasonal: http://backcountrybonsai.wordpress.com/2013/03/05/portland-oregon-michael-hagedorn-seasonal/

  4. biervenskus says:

    Always enjoy your posts. Please explain the use of the flat ‘planks’ of word. Thanks,

  5. backcountrydan says:

    Reblogged this on Backcountry Bonsai and commented:
    Here’s Michaels post about the seasonal Steve and I attended!

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