Photos and Stories from the Fall Seasonal-

In a mix of seriousness and hilarity, the 2012 Fall Seasonal wrapped up a couple weeks ago leaving us all well-fed and with somewhat dirtier fingers. Here’s a few photos of those three days–

This was one tree we worked on, a Mountain hemlock from Canada. This was the original front.

New front chosen at the Seasonal.

And after Bob’s work. It was a fun project tree with the key branch moved from behind the trunk to the right side.

Naturally, students will mimic their teachers, and sadly this includes irreverence. Howard trumped everyone with this t-shirt, which suggests several possible conclusions:
1. He’d had a hard morning and wasn’t going to take any !#$^& from anyone
2. Impishness is a honed character trait, and he generally doesn’t give a rat’s ass
3. He’s from Chicago

Something always seems to need fixing at the Seasonals. A few Seasonals back we had pair of glasses that needed fixing, and this time it was my hand. Thankfully it was expertly immobilized by Seasonal surgeons using completely inadequate tape and rubber bands. One does lose a bit of authority waving such a club around, although I have a tough time keeping a straight face around such silly students anyhow—2 Americans and 3 Canadians for gosh sakes. Thank you Ed, Howard, Ray, Bob, and stalwart Roger for once again braving the Seasonals, where you never really know what’s going to happen other than something’s probably going to break, and it might not have anything to do with bonsai.

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