1. It Looks Great Bud! I Can’t Wait Till Spring To See It In A Pot!

  2. John Cotoggio says:

    Hi Michael,
    Looking at the picture for a while and I still can’t get past what looks from the picture that all the foliage is placed behind the deadwood. The deadwood is fantastic but I personally do not like the foliage so far back ! Perhaps additional pictures from the sides may answer some of these questions and conclusions better ?

    • crataegus says:

      For the purposes of publishing possible future articles, I don’t like to offer too many photos online. But I can totally understand what you’re saying, and there’s a lot of validity to the problem as most of the foliage came from the rear of the tree and was brought forward. And some of it needs to grow more forward, the two lowest branches in particular. And when that happens there will be more integration and unity with the deadwood, as some of it is not long enough yet to do much of that.

  3. Geoffrey Holmes says:

    I had the same feeling as John when I saw this tree. You can’t tell how far forward the foliage comes to you in the photo. I will disagree about cutting off deadwood. We cut off unneeded foliage don’t we? So why not unneeded deadwood? We are calling bonsai an art form so if the tree is better with out the upper pincher claw then why not?

  4. Geoffrey Holmes says:

    Fighting scorpion style. It is very interesting. You are lucky to get to have such great material to work on. I can’t wait to get out there to see it.

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