Artisans Cup website gets renovated-

Demo on a house can be fun, with a sledge hammer, a few pounds of dynamite… well, the Artisans Cup renovation was not really explosively changed, but it does look fantastically better (I can say this as it was Ryan and Kirsten’s doings, not mine)

Please check it out:

Especially have a good look at the submissions page if you’re eager to send trees next year. There is quite a bit of new info there—some of which you’ve been asking me about for a while now—which will help you to organize your display. GET STARTED NOW! If you don’t have a great stand, you’ll need to scare one out of the woods…if you’ve not yet decided on an accent, in the words of Captain Kirk, ‘This WOULD be a good time…’… if you don’t have a tree yet, perhaps plant some seeds and put them under a grow light…

And for gosh sakes click the donation button. Stop hovering the cursor over there indecisively. Just click it.

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  1. Tom says:

    This is a great idea that you guys put together. I think this will definitely help raise the level of bonsai in America. The location looks fantastic.

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