Wisteria In Bloom! And Quiz…

As a follow up to the recent post about growing wisteria, this is one in my backyard that is putting on quite a show. It’s a Chinese wisteria, and the photo is from last week. When I came back from the Texas convention over the weekend it was nearly finished blooming. Nuts!

The pot was a prototype of one I made for a few years in the last part of my potting career. It ‘s hard to use, actually. Come to think of it, I made a lot of barely useable pots like that around the periphery of my usual work, exploring the boundaries of containers. Very few trees would work in this one, and this wisteria is not really one of them. But it was the closest I had to the right size and height. The form is a bit too strong for the wisteria, and the color does not really support the tree either. With having said all that I probably should not post this! But the flowers are nice, eh? Ignore the pot… enjoy the flowers!

So… having admitted the problems here, I’ll issue a challenge: What pot would work here? Give it a think, and send me some pot images to my email (please keep them smallish, not over 500 kb) and I’ll post them and we’ll review your ideas!

Although the pot is not quite right for this Chinese wisteria, I tried to make it more playful by turning the square form 45 degrees so that an edge would face front.

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  1. Daniel Dolan says:

    Dear Michael:

    I just sent an email to you yahoo account regarding Wisteria, but I forgot to ask why this image and the one earlier on the left below in your blog has no foliage? I prune mine back in the fall but come March this year it was leafing out aggressively…..as this occurs and you begin to see the emerging blossoms……….do you cut the foliage back/off completely?

    Thank you.


    • crataegus says:

      My tree is a Chinese wisteria, which blooms before the leaves come out. The Japanese wisteria will bloom when the leaves are more mature, and will have much longer bloom racemes. I don’t cut any foliage until late summer when I might nip back some of the strong tendrils. Be careful cutting back in the fall or you might cut off the flower buds for next year. Cut long.

  2. Connie from Chicago says:

    The tree looks great. Makes me want to run out and airlayer the Wisteria in my yard. Thanks for the inclination. Connie Chicago

  3. Daniel Dolan says:


    Thank you for your comments. I will certainly follow your advice and “cut long”………what does cut long mean?



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