Answer to Quiz…

Returning to the puzzling quiz of Oct. 2nd— ‘You see a bonsai that appears to have moist soil, but the growing shoots are drooping. What’s going on? How do you correct it?’

Ed Imholt got the first question right… Read his response—

‘Maybe the tree was from a hotter climate and the upper part of the soil dried out daily which did not allow for roots to form in the upper part. With no roots in the upper part of the soil then it would remain moist where as the soil in the lower portion of the soil would dry out quicker. First glance at the top of the soil would show you that the tree does not need water, but the lower portion of the soil is dry and cause the shoots to wilt.’

As for the correction, placing shredded spagnum moss on the surface of the soil will prevent it from drying too rapidly in hot climates, and allow surface roots to colonize that zone of the pot. This tree was in fact relocated to Portland, Oregon from a hotter drier climate, and in Portland roots will soon grow in that upper zone without much encouragement.

Thanks for all your comments!


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