A Rain-free Studio…!

Following a day and half of non-stop hammering, my students Tim Early and Ed Imholt helped me (no, I was not standing around watching…) put up the vapor barrier, the siding and a couple of windows. Thanks guys! It’s still lacking a few windows and the door, but at least we’ve got a dry interior. Here are a few photos of our weekend:
TimstudioEdstudio Tim Early working on the  siding—




 And below, Ed Imholt on  the ladder–













Still needs a bit of trim…


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  1. Greg Brenden says:

    Is that pine we keep seeing in the foreground of the studio for sale?

    • crataegus says:


      Alas no…I’m currently deciding what type of pine to graft onto it. I’m halfway between red pine and pinyon. Pinyon would be the rebellious choice. I think it’s nearly going to hinge on what day I pick up the knife this spring.


  2. Michael,
    Nice job on the studio, the hard work is really starting to pay off and show. Can’t wait to see what it looks like finished. We’re all invested now, as we follow along, so you know you’ll have to put up a video tour of the completed project once it’s done right?


    • crataegus says:


      Sure, once i get some sleep…
      I worked on a tree for the first time inside the new space, even though it’s not quite finished, and I’m happy to report it was a surreal and marvelous feeling.


  3. Graham says:

    Hi Michael,
    Your studio is really starting to take shape.
    ps. Anton took me to my first convention, the 20th PNWBCA in Victoria this last weekend. One of his big Hm got “best in show”.
    Hopefully we’ll see you before 2011 in Seattle.
    Cheers Graham

  4. chris says:

    Your studio looks very impressive. Any plans for a wine bar annex? Might make designing very interesting.

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