Yet Another Watering Problem…

Probably the worst thing we might encounter when we have a hose in our hand is a tree that, when we think about it, has not dried out in three days of sunny summer weather. That ought to send off all kinds of alarm bells in your head. If none go off, install some. First […]

Watering tip

Before the real summer heat hits, consider how you are watering your trees. Have you ever seen your trees grow through spring just fine, only to get fried leaves at the first onset of early summer? Ever wonder why that happens? Those trees just don’t have enough roots. Those are the trees that got overwatered, […]

Watering in the colder months

Just a reminder that bonsai should be kept fairly moist during winter. (One of these posts that I should have made earlier…) I’ve recently seen several bonsai from students that were kept too dry in winter storage. Just because the tree is not growing does not mean we should keep it drier. It will just […]