WATCH The Fall Seasonal-lite Trailer!

This one is retro-themed, a bit cheeky, with a hint of Halloween…

Sign up! Fall Seasonal-lite (Two sessions, Oct 24-25 or Nov 7-8, 2020)

  • Fall course focuses on conifer and deciduous fall techniques, fall mistakes, subtle foliage adjustments, avoiding the traps of poor design including preciousness and lankiness, and much more
  • The Seasonal-lite platform is with videos and photos using the Zoom conferencing app
  • A full recording is made available to participants
  • Course is interactive: Participant questions are encouraged 
  • Total of 6 hours (two 3 hour mornings), starting at 8 am and ending at 11:00 am PT (Pacific Time, USA; -7 or -8 Coordinated Universal Time depending on the session)
  • Course includes one 30 minute private session for each participant
  • Limited to 10 participants per session
  • $285
  • Join us! To confirm your reservation please send an email to:

Students say of previous Seasonal-lite courses:

“Really nice capsule, crash course with a lot to think about!”—Laurel 

“This was a great course. I haven’t taken his regular ‘live’ class, but the amount and quality of information was unsurpassed.”—Erich

“The virtual workshop was…packed with timely and insightful information that empowered me to be more confident in caring for my trees…The slides, video, and presentation were excellent and engaging, and the ongoing questions and interaction extremely helpful. The one-on-one session was a great bonus.”—Joyce

For more on the online courses, please see our Seasonal-lites.

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