Revisiting a Unique Rocky Mountain Juniper—Seasonal work

This is an intriguing tree. I could look at it all day. It was styled last year with the other side as the front. Then the lower branch died, which is a hard thing to prevent in a juniper if it’s got that idea going. About that time I was strongly considering this new front, which worked OK without the lower branch. It seemed quieter on this side and had a bit more subtlety, more harmony in the twists of the trunk and the branch possibilities. It is not often you find a Rocky Mountain juniper with this amount of live vein activity and twisting.

My Seasonal students took several looks at this over the last couple years. We discussed the front possibilities, which were several. Including cascading options. It had a full range of offerings and led to some lively discussions.

One of the fronts we considered in a Seasonal class in 2010 that ended up as the current front.

John Conn and Ram Lukas considering inclination options in a Seasonal class, when the tree was still in a wooden box.

Some of the features of the trunk.

29" from top to bottom jin. It is as yet an unrefined tree, and I have let it grow with some abandon following a later repotting than usual (cool spring) and loss of the lower trunk. Perhaps next year it will be ready to refine a bit more to clarify the foliage pads.

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  1. It was very inspiring to work with this tree. Thanks Michael for giving us the opportunity to work with such amazing material. Can wait to return.

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