Repotting Gallery from the two March Seasonals-

Our Winter Seasonals featured new trees, lots of repotting, a few odd projects, and fresh new faces- enjoy our photo gallery!


Potting a bunjin Ponderosa that was styled in a Seasonal last fall. Clockwise from left: Ben, me (or perhaps tree), Ron, Howard.


Bobby with the challenging job of holding a tree while the rest of us hoot and jeer. Bobby’s a Portland Timbers fan. Naturally.


Expressive wand technique by Ron-


Howard enjoying lubricating the drill bit…and getting me wet. In a new twist of the Tom Sawyer tale, I sold the task of drilling the hole to someone else…


Working on a Hinoki forest. The next two photos are of this same tree-


Our hinoki forest as it was found, grown together for more than 10 years, with nearly equal sized trunks and nearly equal spacing. That was our starting puzzle. With only one small hinoki we could add… (because it’s all we had!)


Our solution: Without taking the trees apart which would have made a wreck of them, turning the group about 15-20 degrees clockwise made the trunk placement have more engaging spacing. And we added a little wee hinoki to the far left, tucked under the eaves of a large one. Some of the differences in the size of these trunks can be mitigated over time, with growing and training the trees differently. And then, maybe we’ll feature another few upstart hinoki saplings tucked in here and there in another Seasonal. Some other year. When we have more upstart seedlings. I think the nylon slab we put it on is a bit overlarge for these (cough) six trees, but the trees are weak and need a lot of work and will develop in size. And in a few years we can redo it perhaps with a few more trees added. We did make cuttings…


Pine roots after 5 years in oil-dry. This is why I don’t use oil-dry.


Pine after 3 years in pumice. This is why I use pumice. The root ball is this tight all the way through.


It was a delight to have Jonas here for a Seasonal, who is an old college buddy. And joining him is Randi, also from their Virginia bonsai club.


In repotting this limber pine we found a double helix root structure down below-


I’m not sure Jonas knew I was quietly doing bonsai in college, too…

DSC_1104Bobby looking through a drain hole in our slab for the hinoki forest. Stripes. Again. Very horizontally stable fellow. Good balance.

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  1. backcountrydan says:

    Looks like a great time! We’re looking forward to seeing you soon!

  2. Daniel Dolan says:


    Considering the Bonsai apprentices returning to Portland in recent months you are likely going to have to relocate…………can I again suggest Chicago. Think about it.

    Your latest post featured a watering photo with what looks to be a great spray nozzle.

    At the risk of discovering if this is from Japan can you recommend?



    • crataegus says:

      I think it was a masakuni nozzle that was a gift from Jim Barrett. He might have more! Very nice fine spray, yes. Avoid dropping in panic when the phone rings. Will ding the curve of the nozzle if it hits gravel and then will spray in all sorts of delightful directions.

  3. Austin says:

    I am enjoying you blogging about Bobby’s stripes.

  4. bonsaibible says:

    Looks like you have quite the team there, I’d love to be working like that.

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