Cryptomeria and Foemina Juniper—Year Two

Since a few of you seemed interested in the work going on at a client’s place with these two well-known trees, I thought an update on them might be fun. We start with the first cryptomeria photo from 1 1/2 years ago: And now the Foemina juniper. Here’s a progression of photos showing how that […]

Mountain Hemlock On Levitated Nylon Board

Mountain Hemlock On Levitated Nylon Board

Yes, that is the correct headline… bonsai on plastic. I wasn’t too sure of it myself. In the late summer of 2010 I collected this Mountain Hemlock, Tsuga mertensiana, with my friend Anton Nijhuis in Canada, and potted it in a strange box that was sort of cantilevered up because the tree had been prostrate, […]

Burning Bush—Seasonal Styling and Potting

This tree was originally collected by Kevin Yates from a park in Eugene. Apparently it had been kept stunted by the nutria that lived in a pond nearby. When Kevin saw this post he recognized his tree and corrected me on several points on its origin- Thanks! Euonymus is a popular genus for bonsai. The […]

Tar and Feathering? Changing a Famous Juniper…

No matter how assured you are, changing the design of a famous tree is done with a deep intake of breath. One takes precautions. Like boarding up windows and doors, in premonition of a rowdy gang of tree maniacs in green cloaks with picks and axes and rolls of wire for who knows what horrible […]

Old White Pine Rewiring

Not something we see every day in the United States… a meter-high seedling white pine. Meaning, a white pine on it’s own roots, not grafted onto black pine. Originally imported from Brussell’s Bonsai, this pine has been gaining strength and balance every year. I think I first styled it in 2008. One of it’s few […]

Bunjin Ponderosa Pine Styling

This was a demo tree at a convention a few years ago. My client has been keeping it healthy and it’s been budding back quite well, and we decided it was ready for a rewiring. I’ve been surprised how well Ponderosa develops here in the Northwest. When I first moved here in 2006 I assumed […]

Revisting a 2009 Ezo Spruce

Revisting a 2009 Ezo Spruce

Spruce bonsai have been ‘in the news’ this past year or two. I’ve posted one spruce already this fall… and I thought, why not continue the trend… Some of you might remember this four-trunk Ezo spruce clump from an earlier post. It was styled in 2009 and left rather leggy as we can’t always cut […]

Western Juniper Styling–

I worked on this tree some years ago, probably 2006 or 2007. I just came across the photos the other day and it was like rediscovering an old acquaintance. Boon Manakitivipart was kind enough to give me some work shortly following my return from apprenticing in Japan.¬†This was one of the trees from his backyard […]

Three Years Of A Spruced Up Engelmann

Three Years Of A Spruced Up Engelmann

This Engelmann spruce was originally owned by a guy up in Seattle and I suspect it grew in a mica drum pot for a couple decades. Collected in the Cascades many years ago, it has nice flaky, mature bark and sports a healthy community of lichen up and down the main trunk. It was growing […]

Brief History Of A Ponderosa Pine

The client who owns this pine is a cribbage player, and after noodling trees during the day we retire to the kitchen table where he proceeds to lesson me in cribbage, usually with shocking losses. The styling of this pine dates from the very first visit to his house¬†when we discovered our common interest in […]