Developing an Unpromising Sierra Juniper Bunjin–student work from Seasonal

This is a product of my Seasonal sessions. A few years ago I bought this weedy looking Sierra juniper, removed the field soil and repotted it into a pumice/akadama mix in a plastic nursery pot with help from Seasonal students in 2009, and styled it with a Seasonal group in 2010. It really did look […]

Shohin Itoigawa juniper—

This little juniper was imported some years back through Brussel’s Bonsai. Itoigawa can grow for years with juvenile foliage before gaining the metabolic confidence to grow scale foliage again. Don’t cut too hard on them! And always leave lots of tip growth. This client’s tree was fun to work on. Hope you enjoy the photos—

Youtube Styling of a Large Juniper

Although it was a few years back (2007), I just uploaded this video to Youtube. In a post long ago I shared before and after photos of a juniper I wired at Miami Tropical, and here’s the video of it… hope you like Stan Getz.

Black Pine Grafted Ponderosa: STYLED

Black Pine Grafted Ponderosa: STYLED

This small pine goes way back to when I was a potter, trying to sell them at my first convention in the mid 90’s in Harrisburg, PA. I met Andy Smith there, and we traded a pot for a tree. He collected the yamadori pine in South Dakota. For years I grew it as a […]

Yamadori Shimpaku juniper styling

Some years ago this juniper was imported from Japan. It was weak for quite some time and only this year displayed enough energy to make styling an option. The long shoots were cut back once already this year, so I could actually have styled it a bit earlier.        

Engelmann spruce styling–

I really like Engelmann spruce. It reminds me so much of Ezo spruce, which my teacher had a love affair with in Japan and so they were quite a few of them in his collection. I think spruce have a very quiet feeling, like a snowfall. It’s tempting to look for big gnarly trunks with […]

Hemlock group

This Mountain hemlock has been one of those intriguing trees that is so big at 65″ it is almost more of a conversation piece than a bonsai. And yet thinner trunked trees can be considerably taller and still ‘work’ as bonsai. I collected it about 1 1/2 years ago, and put it in pumice in […]

Ezo spruce, again

As promised, here’s the final ‘potted’ photo of that Ezo spruce clump styling in yesterday’s post— Two things I’ll do in the future is move the left trunk further to the right as it’s a bit too balanced where it is. Also I’ll add a clump of broadleaf evergreen, probably a small-leafed azalea, to the […]

Ezo spruce clump

This Ezo spruce is a prime example of one ‘gone to seed:’ A tree long neglected, grown more as an ordinary plant in a pot than as a bonsai. Before: And after: You might notice I did not cut the branches off cleanly, leaving quite a few large, ugly stubs. What I’ve noticed is that […]

Pacific Rim juniper

A rangy juniper reworked in a half-day refinement session at the Weyerhaeuser collection in Federal Way, Washington. This 40″ tree is a collected Sierra juniper grafted with shimpaku: