The Portland Bonsai Village Tours continue…

…even without a Village website! (Thanks so much for your patience…) Here are a few photos of Bob, Paula, Carmen, and Renee’s visit to the Village earlier this month. They are all from California and took a full day tour here in Portland visiting Ryan Neil and me. These photos are courtesy Greg Brenden, our tour guide:


At Ryan Neil’s nursery



Ryan meeting the group-




And at my studio


Greg stamping Portland Bonsai Village passports-



Renee with her passport




  1. dangerousbry says:

    I would book my spot!!!
    Shame you guys are on the wrong side of the planet from me :/

    That first tree is absolutely phenomenal!!


  2. Hi Michael
    How far are you from the ocean, and what’s your elevation. The reason I ask is I live on the coast and am trying to compare climates. By the look at your maples we are within a week or two.
    Great trees Michael
    Qualicum Brian

  3. Carmen Scott says:

    Michael, thank you for organizing our bonsai tour. It was an awesome, inspiring day. Greg was the perfect guide, and the restaurant you chose for lunch was wonderful. I highly recommend the experience, and only wish we could have crammed another artist into the day. Next time!
    Carmen Scott

  4. bonsaibible says:

    Man I would love to go on one of these tours at some point, they look fantastic and I’m sure I could learn a few things!

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