Nick arrives in the Village…

Of course we’d been awaiting him forever… cheerful help coming from the heavens. Nick announced himself in the form of a random email that said, ‘Hey I’m 22 and I just moved to Portland from Arizona so I can learn more about bonsai.’ Sure, happens all the time. NO IT DOESN’T!


Nick cutting errant shoots on a Japanese maple that I did not have time for, since I was muddling around with the website for the Portland Bonsai Village… of which he is a shining example. He’s been helping out at my place and Ryan Neil’s for the last month. Glad to see he was wearing a local brand, Nike, or of course I’d have booted him out on sight and told him to re-cloth. We’re a very particular and locally-loyal bunch, Portland Villagers. Of course, given the sheer size of Nick, I’d not have managed much of a booting. Oh well. If you are built like Nick you can wear whatever you want, I guess. Just be careful with that tree…


  1. Bruce Winter says:

    If I could manage it, I’d move there in a Texas minute. (Whatever that is)

    • crataegus says:

      A Texas minute might resemble a Texas mosey, which as I understand it will be a new Olympic event. Very challenging, requires a certain roll to the hips and thumbs in belt loops. Slow. About 90 seconds for top contenders.

  2. Frank Harris says:

    Congradulations, Nick! We are all in the Phoenix Bonsai Society looking forward to your updates from the Village. You have a great opportunity to work with two truly awesome American Masters-Mike and Ryan. And to Mike…that was pretty courageous of you let Nick begin with a pair of scissors rather than a broom and dustpan and then on to a watering hose.

  3. Al Polito says:

    Well, let’s see… Michael Hagedorn, Greg Brenden, Nick… looks like the migration from Arizona to Portland is becoming more and more popular. Who’s next?

    • crataegus says:

      Coyote is still chasing the roadrunner…I think they’re said to be heading this way. We should hold a cookout and watch the migration/chase/cartoon.

  4. Mike Fritz says:

    Nick, glad to see you are following your dream! Learn a lot from Ryan and Mike and come back to Phoenix whenever you can and show us all your newly acquired knowledge and skills.

  5. Tina McEown says:

    Nick, so proud of your courage and drive in making this move! This is a remarkable opportunity and I am certain that you will make the most of it. We miss your awesome smile and infectious enthusiasm I know you will be an incredible ambassador for the Phoenix Bonsai Society and we wish you the very best and send you with our blessings.

    PS. Come on Mike, let him visit home once in a while…..

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