The Portland Bonsai Village passport goes to Europe…


Sadly, I discovered a few things about the new Portland Bonsai Village passport on my trip to Europe. For one, it won’t get you into the Habsburg castle in Vienna…


…it won’t get you on a German train…


…nor a Czech train…


…it won’t even buy you a breakfast at a B + B in Munchen, Germany… (I did try)


…Michael Tran and Heike van Gunst liked it at the Noelanders Trophy, Belgium, though…


…but still, Farrand Bloch of Bonsai Focus looks skeptical that it would get me far in The Netherlands…


…and he was right, the Village Passport didn’t get me on a train in The Netherlands…


…I’m sure you’re beginning to wonder what the passport WILL do for you, because I discovered even a canal cruise in Amsterdam wouldn’t accept a Village Passport…


…but once you’re on an Oregon Amtrak train you’re AWFULLY close to having it be of some use to you. When the train deposits you at Union Station in Portland, Oregon, call me. Because then you’ll be very close to quite a few bonsai, and your passport will be received with great shouts of recognition. (We have hovercraft and parachute options for those who prefer alternative ways of arriving, which is our Portland flavor anyhow-)

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  1. Wood says:

    Sir Hawthorne, what a sense of humor ๐Ÿ™‚ Right up there with Danny Devito’s foot. Love it!

  2. Love what you’ve done with it Michael! Thanks for the armchair tour of Europe.

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