Old Historical Catlin Elm-

Old Historical Catlin Elm-

This is an antique tree created by one of our great California bonsai masters Mas Ishii. His son Gary Ishii is now proprietor of their family nursery Chikugo-en in Los Angeles. A client of mine found this unusual Catlin elm, which had been grown from a cutting by Mas about 50 years ago. It’s a modest […]

Spring Watering Tip-

There are a lot of things we might say about watering bonsai. I’ve tried a few times on this blog to mention some of them. Some are hard to make sense of in words, but as ever I’m willing to try. This one is about watering recently repotted trees. At post-repotting time we need to […]

Return of ‘The Fish’…

…which could either be a salmon returning up a river, or simply a bad movie title…? It’s neither. The Fish is yet another convenient, somewhat silly, ‘name’ for a Rocky Mountain Juniper that was featured here over a year ago when it was first styled. We did a three-part, real-time posting of it back then: […]

Rocky Mountain Juniper Repotting…

…but not recently! We did this repotting at the end of March, 2014, and like the last couple of posts, I’m playing catch up with things that we did long ago… The styling of this juniper was featured in a 2012 post: https://crataegus.com/2012/09/04/special-rocky-mountain-juniper-styling/ Enjoy the photos!

Repotting Gallery from the two March Seasonals-

Our Winter Seasonals featured new trees, lots of repotting, a few odd projects, and fresh new faces- enjoy our photo gallery! Bobby looking through a drain hole in our slab for the hinoki forest. Stripes. Again. Very horizontally stable fellow. Good balance.

Repotting Tip ‘O the Month-

Many trees like their roots far away from anything saturated, which is the bottom of the pot. Two in particular, pines and azaleas. And in muddling about the Western bonsai world I’ve been haunted by the number of pines planted in very shallow containers. ‘Rules’ are slippery things, as anything in bonsai has exceptions. So […]

Tips for Repotting-

Many of you are deep in the thicket of repotting, which I know can be one of those puzzling puzzles. This is just a short post on what I think are some of the big ones to not forget: 1. Don’t have your tree TOO dry before repotting. Although a bit easier for us, we […]