Photos and Stories from the Fall Seasonal-

In a mix of seriousness and hilarity, the 2012 Fall Seasonal wrapped up a couple weeks ago leaving us all well-fed and with somewhat dirtier fingers. Here’s a few photos of those three days–

Mountain Hemlock On Levitated Nylon Board

Mountain Hemlock On Levitated Nylon Board

Yes, that is the correct headline… bonsai on plastic. I wasn’t too sure of it myself. In the late summer of 2010 I collected this Mountain Hemlock, Tsuga mertensiana, with my friend Anton Nijhuis in Canada, and potted it in a strange box that was sort of cantilevered up because the tree had been prostrate, […]

Hemlock group

This Mountain hemlock has been one of those intriguing trees that is so big at 65″ it is almost more of a conversation piece than a bonsai. And yet thinner trunked trees can be considerably taller and still ‘work’ as bonsai. I collected it about 1 1/2 years ago, and put it in pumice in […]