Matt, Tyler, and Bobby in Japan-

Part II of our trip to Japan earlier this month…

Kokufu Show, Friends, Massive Snowstorm…

…the usual Japan bonsai experience in February. I’m writing this in the snow-socked city of Nagano, 6 hours after my plane left from Narita Airport on the other side of Honshu. Waved vaguely in the direction of my apprentice Bobby Curttright, who enviously left Shinji Suzuki’s garden several days before I did and had a […]

Big Juniper Project: ‘The Fish’: Part I

This post is the first in a series of daily photos of a juniper in progress. It’s about as close as I can come to “real time” blogging. Bobby, my apprentice, and I have been taking our time with this Rocky Mountain Juniper, and enjoying the process of discovering the bonsai within the tree. I […]

Bobby’s Summer Work

Summer is an interesting time in the bonsai calendar. Whether you have much to do or not depends on what you have in your yard. If you only have black pine that you’ve decandled, you can almost hire someone to water and take a two month break. If you’ve only got spruce, it’s almost the […]