Styling A Snaky Mountain Hemlock: Part I

Carmen Leskoviansky, my apprentice, took on the styling of this Hemlock.


Side 1


Side 2


Side 3


Side 4. Which front would you choose?


Carmen (and I) chose this one. A few boards on the right side and back corner lend a rakish tilt to the left.

Given this front and inclination, where would you put the branches and the crown? Would you remove any branches?

In a couple weeks we’ll have a Part II post showing our design solution… Stay tuned!

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  1. Skipp Serrano says:

    I like the last iteration, except for the crown. Were this my tree, I rework the crown by removing the top at long branch the right.
    You asked. That would be my only change.

    • crataegus says:

      Hi Skipp,
      Thanks for your design thought!
      The two-part post is to give folks time to consider, exactly as you have, what they would do, before I share what we did. In the past some folks have made a digital drawing to create their own exercise out of the images.
      I’ll post soon with Part II.

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