Part II: The Bonsai Imaginations of Pierre Leloup

Here’s another landscape by Canadian artist Pierre Leloup. I spent time up in Quebec and Ontario as a youth among the lakes and islands, and his work is an evocation of my memory.


For this composition, which is so complex, it seemed best to show the final shot first. The design was thought out in great detail beforehand and might be confusing otherwise. I’ll let the images speak for themselves.


DSC_0013 (2)

Dorval-îles-toyota echo 004

Dorval-îles-toyota echo 005

Dorval-îles-toyota echo 006

Dorval-îles-toyota echo 010

DSC_0004 - Copie (2)





DSC_0003 - Copie

DSC_0005 - Copie (2)


DSC_0008 - Copie

DSC_0015 - Copie

DSC_0017 - Copie (2)

DSC_0020 - Copie (2)

DSC_0005 - Copie (4) - CopieIMG_1126

For part one of this series on Pierre’s work, try Part I: The Bonsai Imaginations of Pierre Leloup

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  1. Evan Reeves says:

    I’ve really enjoyed these posts about Pierre’s work. Nice to see some attention to these more elaborate landscape plantings. A style that I think doesn’t receive enough attention.

  2. August says:

    Those a really nice to say the least! Thanks for the show.

  3. adasgupta2013 says:

    This is beyond imagination . Thank you Michael for sharing such a mind blowing work .

    Could you share what’s the reflective surface that resembles water ?

  4. Ann Mudie says:


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