Indiegogo Campaign: Buy Binoculars for Young Birding Guides in Ecuador

This week, a sideways skip from bonsai…still about connecting with nature, protecting and nurturing it as we do in bonsai, but in a different way.

This is about an Indiegogo campaign I just launched.

Last month I went on a 2-week birding trip to Ecuador. I saw 327 species on this trip—spectacular birds!—but it was the story of a Quijos Nation family that stuck with me.

In my last week I spent time with Yacu, a Quijos birding guide. He was training his boys to be birding guides. His vision: to help indigenous families create sustainable income without the pressure to sell their lands for deforestation or gold mining.

Thing is, his kids didn’t have binoculars.

I learned Yacu has bigger dreams. He wanted to train a total of 10 Quijos Nation kids to be bird guides.

They didn’t have binoculars either.

The full story is on this Indiegogo campaign, where you’ll find a link to donate and help these young guides get a good start with binoculars!

And on behalf of Yacu and his family, thank you!!

Buy Binoculars for Young Birding Guides in Ecuador


For some bird eye-candy, here’s a sampling of birds I saw in Ecuador (click on the blue Facebook symbol to go to the post):


  1. garyos123 says:


    Thanks for this wonderful story. You might recall I am from Toronto and had a nice chat with you at the Pacific Bonsai Expo. I am not a birder but love your campaign – plan to make a contribution.


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