~ 2020 Photo Gallery ~

Shots of our doings in the bonsai garden this year, and out wandering about—

Blessings everyone for a healthy and joyful Holiday Season!



  1. Mike Horine says:

    Thanks for the kind message. Blessing on you and your helpers in 2021!! Be safe!!

  2. Ray says:

    Merry Christmas Michael and family.
    A very Happy, Healthy and Wonderful New
    Thank you for your posts and seasonal

  3. Mac McAtee says:

    Love that first literati pine. What kind of pine is it? Was it found in the wild or was it created from a seedling?

    • crataegus says:

      It’s a Ponderosa Pine, collected. Given the shari on it and bark development, it was likely about 150 years old at collection time, and then add the 40 years it’s been a bonsai (we have a pretty good history on this one) and it’s nearly 200. Old little thing!

  4. Valerie Monroe says:

    Thanks for continuing your artistry.

  5. Robert West says:

    Love your exactly the right size house! You remain an inspiration to many of us to do our best.

    • crataegus says:

      Ha! I love that you think it’s exactly the right size. Definitely a relative term for all of us, though I agree, for myself, that it is. I am writing a book about why it might feel that way.

  6. Joe T says:

    Exquisite shots! What a wide range of talent! I would love to someday see your garden, and really enjoyed both of your books. I will recommend Bonsai Heresy and Bonsai Wire to all in our bonsai club!

  7. David Wheeler says:

    Thank you Michael…. Best to you in the coming New Year David

  8. Barbara Phillips says:

    I look forward to your posts, which take me into the beauty which is everywhere. Thanks for your breadth, Michael.

  9. wayneschoech951910737 says:

    I desperately wanted to say “who’s the lazy bum in the hammock,” but everyone else is so sweet that I thought better of it. So here’s the reformed version… The very best to you my friend and may the light shine for you and everyone you love in the New Year and beyond.

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