~New Book ‘Bonsai Heresy’ Nearing Completion~

Bonsai Heresy is my new book about our misperceptions of bonsai technique and aesthetics. The book is wrapping up and things are advancing apace…

  • Bonsai Heresy will shortly be copyedited, giving me a much needed break
  • No fewer than 10 savvy content editors were involved, improving this complex book immeasurably
  • Our production timeline will give us a book by early May 2020
  • The summer 2020 book reading/signing tour is also advancing, with dozens of presentation invitations (we’ll be in touch shortly)
  • The tour will be by Amtrak, making a big slow circle around the country for nearly a month

‘Anything worth doing is worth doing slowly’—Mae West’s aphorism relates not only to Bonsai Heresy, which took 15 years to materialize, but the Amtrak tour itself. By plane the tour could be shortened by half, but then, why? (Did you know there’s a Society for the Deceleration of Time? I didn’t either.)

Mae West, looking very slow indeed

For details about Bonsai Heresy and the book tour, please see the first two posts:

New Book: ‘Bonsai Heresy’

2020 Book Tour, by Amtrak

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  1. tangobunny says:

    Congratulations on completing this big project! Look forward to reading your new book. Will you be dancing as you travel around the country?

  2. mark comstock says:

    If you already are not booked with Mr.Kirby in Connecticut I would love to host your book event. Mr Kirby lives right around the corner from my nursery, either way I would support you at Kirby’s or host you here. My nursery is really improving and would be a great spot for a book event, lmk

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  3. WOW – as excited as I am about the book and train tour (and I am !), I am also stoked on this, previously unknown to me, concept of decelerating time… I am going to hurry up and dive into that 😉

    (but seriously… what a concept !!! thanks for the tip)

  4. Felix Laughlin says:

    Michael, congratulations on your new book.

    Looking forward to learning something!

    Best wishes. Felix

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  5. Ray Norris says:

    Looking forward to the new book Michael😎

  6. cagarrett2014 says:

    Hi Michael!Will you be swinging through Denver, perchance?Yours in bonsai,Connie Garrett  RMBS 2018-2019 Programs & Events Director cagarrett@earthlink.net, 303-819-1916 cellwww.rmbonsai.org 

  7. scott@vividpix.com scott@vividpix.com says:

    HI Michael….Just a reminder th

  8. Judy Schmidt says:

    Hey Michael,

    We do have a very active club in the Milwaukee area and we are looking for interesting Bonsai people to visit us.

    Judy Schmidt MBS Past President MIdAmerica Bonsai Alliance President

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  9. Mary Graham says:

    Hi Michael, Is New England on your tour circuit? The Kaikou Bonsai Club, which meets monthly at New England Bonsai Gardens, (in Bellingham MA) would welcome a visit. The closest Amtrak station is Providence Rhode Island.

  10. AOL says:

    Congratulations!!!!! Andante Adagio Largo, yes!



  11. Kip Pierson says:

    What…No Bend, OR???

  12. Ernest Hasan says:

    Kon’nichiwa Michael,
    Congratulations on your monumental accomplishment!
    On behalf of The Phoenix Bonsai Society we would like to thank you for all you do in the American Bonsai community.
    Will your book tour bring you through Phoenix?
    We would love to listen to your perspectives.
    Thank you,
    Ernie Hasan – President PBS.

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