Preparing Accents for Winter–

Accents are popular with many bonsai enthusiasts. Some of us grow them to the detriment of our bonsai, we are so engaged and enraptured with them. And they are delightfully distracting.

In the late fall the accents—or at least the ones that go brown on us—should be trimmed back to set them up for spring. Here are two photos to show the buzz cut suggested for deciduous perennials.

Deciduous perennials in late fall, showing brown or browning foliage, grasses and ferns, with a few green juncus in there that we’ll cut also…

…and the close trim they receive in late fall as a set up for spring growth, so they don’t grow tangled up in last year’s dead growth and look appropriately springy.


  1. Eileen says:

    Hi Mike, do you keep your accent plants in your greenhouse? How are you protecting them during the winter?

  2. patrick phillips says:

    Hey is there a Japanese term for accent plants used in formal bonsai displays?

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